Electric vehicle chargepoint grant for renters or flat owners

Explore the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant for renters and flat owners, a valuable initiative aiding in the installation of electric vehicle chargepoints at your property. Whether you’re a flat owner or a tenant with a dedicated off-street parking space in East Herts and Essex, EV Pete provides access to a grant amounting to £350 or 75% of the installation cost (whichever is lower). 

Be it Myenergi, EO, Ohme, EASEE, Anderson, or Wallbox—EV Pete, an Office for Zero Emission Vehicles Approved Installer, brings seamless expertise in catering to your electric vehicle charging needs.

Electric vehicle chargepoint and infrastructure grants for landlords

Discover the comprehensive Electric Vehicle Chargepoint and Infrastructure Grants designed for landlords, offering financial support for the installation of electric vehicle chargepoints across your properties. This initiative provides two distinct grants: the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant (EV Chargepoint Grant) and the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant (EV Infrastructure Grant).
These grants empower landlords to enhance their properties with electric vehicle charging infrastructure, allowing the use of both grants on the same property.