EV Charger Government Grants for Landlords

EV Charger Government Grants for Landlords

The UK offers two grants for installing electric vehicle chargepoints: the EV Chargepoint Grant and the EV Infrastructure Grant. The former provides up to £350 or 75% off socket installation, available for residential and commercial properties. The latter covers wider building and installation work needed for multiple sockets, granting up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost, depending on parking space coverage. 

To apply, you must own or manage properties in the UK, meeting specific criteria based on property type and ownership. Residential and commercial landlords can apply, provided their properties are not under construction. Landlords need to fulfill additional conditions, such as minimum parking space requirements and other specific guidelines.

What You Can Get:

Two grants for electric vehicle chargepoints:

Types of Grant:

The government provides two essential grants to support the installation of electric vehicle chargepoints: the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant (EV Chargepoint) and the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Grant (EV Infrastructure). The EV Chargepoint Grant assists by reducing the expense associated with installing an electric vehicle chargepoint socket at a property. It offers a subsidy of either £350 or 75% off the cost to purchase and install a socket, dependent on which amount is lower. This grant is available for both residential and commercial properties, offering up to 200 grants per year for residential properties and 100 for commercial properties.

Eligibility for these grants necessitates ownership or management of flats, houses, apartment blocks, or business premises situated in the UK. Individuals, companies, or organizations can apply, given that they meet specific criteria. Residential landlords, including those who manage properties for people to live in or own multiple unit properties, are eligible for both grants. However, certain criteria, such as not living in the property and not using the property solely as a holiday rental, are essential exclusions from eligibility.

Residential landlords:

You can apply for an electric vehicle chargepoint grant or infrastructure grant as a residential landlord if you’re:
You cannot apply if:

Commercial landlords:

You can apply for an electric vehicle chargepoint grant if you’re:

Property Requirements:

You cannot apply for the grant if you’re installing a chargepoint for a new build with more than 10 car parking spaces or because of another mandatory requirement.

Applying for the EV Chargepoint Grant:

To begin your EV charge point grant process, you will need to discuss your requirements with myself. You can then create a landlord account on the GOV.UK website and continue the process.