Electric vehicle chargepoint grant for renters or flat owners

Electric vehicle chargepoint grant for renters or flat owners

Explore the Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant for renters and flat owners, a valuable initiative aiding in the installation of electric vehicle chargepoints at your property. Whether you’re a flat owner or a tenant with a dedicated off-street parking space in East Herts and Essex, EV Pete provides access to a grant amounting to £350 or 75% of the installation cost (whichever is lower).

What You Can Get:

The Electric Vehicle Chargepoint Grant, also known as the EV Chargepoint Grant, assists in covering the expense of installing an electric vehicle chargepoint socket at your residence.

Funding Amount:

You can receive either £350 or 75% of the total installation cost for a socket, whichever is lower. Different procedures apply if you’re a landlord seeking this grant.


You qualify for the grant if:
You are not eligible if:

Property Requirements:

Your property must be in the UK. Applications are not accepted for properties in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man. You can only apply for an occupied residential property, not for unoccupied or under-construction properties. Supporting evidence may be required, such as a rental agreement for tenants.

Parking Space:

The parking space should be off-street, private, clearly defined, and accessible to you at all times. You must own or have legal rights to it, potentially requiring evidence like Land Registry title deeds or permissions from the freeholder in a block of flats.

Vehicle Criteria:

The grant applies only to vehicles approved by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). Evidence of ownership or usage of an eligible vehicle is required.

Applying for the EV Chargepoint Grant:

To begin your EV charge point grant process, simply ask me to initiate your claim. Once started, you’ll receive an email containing an eligibility check link to be completed online. If deemed eligible, I proceed to apply for the grant on your behalf, streamlining the entire process for you.